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Custom Sports Services  is Pat and Anita. Our passions are tennis, music and dance. We use them to create healthier, joyful lives. Our menu covers tennis, music, dance, stress-free work and healthy living.

Our core is a tennis program for children and adults at Pembroke Falls(, located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. We provide instruction, fitness training, ball machines and racket services.     


Twice a month we host Contradances, in Davie:; and September thru May in Miami's Coconut Grove:

Contradance a time-tested way to have fun, burn calories and make new friends. The contra is an informal, fun dance done with live, spirited acoustic music. In addition to the contra tunes featuring Cornbread Band, we add a bit of swing music, and Django-inspired gypsy jazz .

To keep you healthy there is information on injury prevention with the right conditioning (i.e., prehab) exercises, plus links to rehabilitate injuries such as tennis elbow, knee, shoulder and the universal back pain.

                                                               The Healthy Mind

         Peace of Mind in our lives requires a healthy body and a focused, flexible mindset.

Our award-winning book, "Making the Job Work for You", is a primer on balancing the work role with our personal lives. Not your typical stress management book; it is a how-to guide to change your attitudes and behaviors.

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