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Custom Sports Services is a small business with a lot to offer. Take the time to go though our menu--you will find great information. We turn people on to how easy it is to live healthier, joyful lives. Our site provides the information and links. The goal is Lifetime Fitness---creating a lifestyle that make you feel good . We provide information on music, tennis, swimming, cycling, walking, dancing, and good eats- you can't go wrong.

Every second saturday, our band "Cornbread" hosts the monthly Broward Contradance in Davie; a time-tested way to get some exercise and make new friends. The contradance is a community dance done to celtic fiddle tunes and jigs. It is easy to do,  and held in nearly every major city. If you can walk, you can do it-it is a group activity; most people pick it up in 15 minutes of walking through the patterns.

Our next section keys into active lifestyles---and offers information on avoiding injury by doing the right conditioning (i.e., prehab) exercises, with links to rehabilitate injuries, especially those more common, such as tennis elbow, knee, shoulder and back pain.

Our next section covers our Tennis and Lifetime Fitness Services at Pembroke Falls(, located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. We also offer information on all aspects of tennis; links, instruction, training and playing.         

                                                                                     The Mental Side of Health

Lastly we offer a great guide to handling the stress of working for a living--we need a strong and flexible mind (as well as body), so we spend time with the mental side of wellness, to find peace of mind in our lives.

Check out our award-winning book, "Making the Job Work for You", a primer on balancing the work role with our personal lives. Not your typical stress management book; it is a how-to guide to change your attitudes and behaviors. Insightful questions are guaranteed to raise your self-awareness and armour you against every work dragon, be it customer, co-worker or boss, or self expectation. It is a must-read for anyone dealing with difficult work situations.

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