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2007 Eric Hoffer Book Award Winner Review--Notable for HEALTH/SELF HELP

"The reader is systematically led through the maze of corporate culture, politics, power plays, labels, and trade-offs, and learns ways to deal with stress, increase self-awareness, create new outlooks, and understand the process of adaption.Ultimately, the goal is to customize your personal plan for business success." Eric Hoffer


 What Readers of Make the Job Work for You Have Said:

 "I have read similar books and this one is the missing link in stress management. Mr. Mason did a really good job of putting it all together. " Maureen C,  San Diego, CA

" I love the way it gets right down to personality types"  Gale E,  Fort Lauderdale, FL

 " I read it every night before I go to sleep---- it helps to calm my mind and erase all the busy-mind work worries "   Maria B, Sanford FL

" The book has a nice natural style and was easy to read, as if it was spoken rather than written. One or two things really hit home".  Celeste S, Baltimore MD

 "Over and over I kept seeing myself in the book; it was a bit scary--as if it all had been written right for me"  Name withheld, Winter Springs, FL

"For me this book is kind of like a bible; I can open any page, anywhere in it and just read--I always find something valuable. The idea that I should have energy for myself at the end of a day was a revelation and changed my whole approach to work".                                      Chris W. Fitness Club Manager, Sunrise, FL

"This is awesome...right on; I am recommendinging it as a resource for our employee assistance providers"   Lynda       Pembroke Pines FL


  •   Awards  JADA Press Award --  finalist in non-fiction  
  • The Writer's Notes Eric Hoffer Award, www.HofferAward.com.  for independent publishers Notable Health /Self Help

 Several Human Resource Directors have purchased copies to help employees deal with the underlying issues affecting workplace attitudes.

Get the information to put together your plan to turn the tables on work pressures. In a shot time you 'll be able to endure  difficult bosses, impossible clients and coworkers.

                                   Learn to lave the work in its place, behind your peace of mind and your family



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