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Pembroke Falls Florida Junior Tennis Program
Teaching children lifetime values through sports


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School of Tennis

at Pembroke Falls, Florida


Graduated Youth Development Program

Leagues and Teams

We typically run 8-week leagues for children 5 times a year: in the early and late fall,

winter, spring & summer.  Every season concludes with a pizza party and each child

receives a t-shirt and award.Leagues have one practice session and one match day

per week. Make-up lessons available on Saturdays.

We use the USTA-approved traing balls and modified court size.

Tennis Camps are offered during school breaks. We allow older children to be helpers

to lower levels. High School students can earn volunteer hours.

Levels 1-3

Tiny Tots        

Ages 31/2 to 5    Develops basic coordination & motor skills for tennis as well

as social interaction.

Scoop It Up   

Ages 6 to 8    More complex tennis skills with matches in a modified team format.


Ages 9  to 12    Team practice and team competitions with more racket skills.

Levels  4-5

Junior Development   Level 1 

Training for singles round-robin match play, includes all basic tennis strokes and strategy.

Advanced Junior Development  Level 2  

Pre-tournament play emphasizing drills, strategy and simple tactics.

 Level 6


 High Performance under 12 Program  

prepares for ROGY/ age sized match play 

 Level 7 & 8                      

 High Performance for Middle and High School


Preparation for School Team play and Tournaments, Tue and Thursdays 4-6 pm

1   Fitness, Conditioning and Agility

2   Stroke Development

3    Match Play

Flexibility, speed, footwork, cross-training and core fitness training.   t

Advanced Individual Coaching

Match play video analysis and match charting   

Professional analysis of shot selection, winners versus errors data, percentage play, self-management of emotions while under the pressure of match play.

Tennis Conditioning Fitness Class with Coach Anita

Improve your footwork, agility, strength, power, flexibility & endurance.

Adults & teens, competitive/High School/USTA players, new & returning players - all are welcome!

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