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Cut through all the BS and find out what your body really needs before and after a workout

It's been known that cardio endurance exercise can stimulate the brain. Some recent research indicates that strength training may have an equal benefit.          

 Many people jump head first into exercise programs and wind up getting hurt, particularly when working with weights.Here is some good advice.

 A study shows that pre-breakfast workouts helps in managing body weight, lowers percentage of body fat and increases resistance to diabetes. Great news for those of us who love to eat like little piggies!

Information from the author of the book "The China Study" about healthy eating and how our typical diet impacts our health

Keep eating  your apples: study shows that high-fiber diets reduce the chance of an early demise from heart disease, respiratory or infectious disease:

It is no fluke; Meditation can change more than just our outlook on life

Just how much calcium and vitamin D do we really need?Once again our recommended daily requirements are revised:

Why the correct warm up is the one you have always done and why moving motions are better than static streches:

Why most men sweat more and some women wilt when exercising in the heat:

Reducing muscle cramping: hydration, bananas, stretching, magnesium, quinine/tonic water and yes, pickle juice of all things! :

Counterintuitive but true:regular runners knees have less degeneration:

Injuries and early arthritis in knees:

Avoiding wearing out our joints:

Minimal workouts can maintain fitness if we have a good base established:

Why some folks get big results from exercise and others struggle:

When more is less: serious aerobic junkies may not always be getting healthier hearts: