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Optional Book Ideas
On the net or go direct

Book Purchase Options: Paperback or E-book

Via Credit Card: Available online through major dot-com book sellers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble or I-Universe

Direct from Custom Sports Services (via check or money order, address below):

mail address: Custom Sports Services 13185 NW 18th Ct. Pembroke Pines. FL   33028     USA

Signed Author Copy         $25           includes shipping anywhere in U.S. Email Contact:      customsports@bellsouth.net

Buddy System                   $39           two books, includes shipping anywhere in U.S.

Enlist a workplace buddy to read through the book with you and compare notes. Give and get feedback to ensure a dual escape from work stress. Recommended.

Bakers Dozen                   $220        13 books, includes shipping anywhere in U.S.

Get the whole office tuned in. Give the complainers some responsibility. Good for a small business.

Silent Seminar                $399           box of 26 books, includes shipping in U.S.

Promote the value of internal stress management by partnering small groups of co-workers to learn together. An alternative to boring day-long work retreats costing thousands of dollars. A good tool for directors, business owners and HR Directors.

Group Workshops

Group Workshops are available for half and full day training sessions. Each participant receives their own signed author copy.