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We respect your privacy and do not send out any unsolicited emails or periodic notices- everything is here on our site. If you have feedback for us or questions please feel free to email us on the following areas of interest.


Write to Pat at customsports@bellsouth.net  for book information, for suggestions on managing job stress, presentations and speaking engagements, tennis instruction, or training programs for tennis, cycling, swimming, setting up a local cycling club, guitar instruction videos.

Contact Anita at customsports@bellsouth.net    for questions related to exercise physiology, starting your own exercise and fitness training programs, tennis programs for children, early youth physical development activities, tennis fitness programs, healthy recipies, especially healthy baked goods.



There are no contacts listed.

Our in-house network of  "Team Mason" resources: 

Patrick Mason, MS Business Management, author, USPTA Master Pro, CPRP, USRSA

Anita Mason, MSA Youth Sports Trainer, Tennis Coach Exercise Physiologist, PAL Velodrome Cylcing Coach