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Major Swing in South Florida
Meetup Group

In addition to hosting the Broward County monthly contradance we perform gypsy jazz and swing music.

For those who enjoy playing and listening to gypsy jazz and swing tunes,

We have an acoustic swing band "Major Swing"

and host a meetup group "South Florida/Fort Lauderdale Musicians who play gypsy jazz"


 WANTED:  musicians ( violin, accordian, mando, bassists) who  play gypsy jazz and American swing standards typical of Django Reinhardt. Cabaret singers welcome. We intend to bring like-minded musicians, and music lovers, together to listen to, practice and play gypsy jazz swing music. We hold sunday afternoon jam sessions. Contact us at 954-431-0690 for info.

We have instructional videos by Jon Jorgenson, Paul Mehli, DVDs by Bireli Lagrene to share.

If you are interested please email us at  customsports@bellsouth.net and we will contact you regarding jam and practice sessions.

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