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General Categories
Beginner Cyclists               Level 1 + 2         
Intermediate Cyclists         Level 3      
                                                Level 4      
                                                Level 5
Expert Cyclists                    Level 6      
                                                Level 7
Professional                         Level 9
                                                Level 10    
The Cycling Population
A general overview of levels breaks the cycling population down into three basic groups:
Beginner Cyclists Levels 1 and 2.This group has not yet developed skills beyond basic levels. This group often lacks helmets and needs education and training on safety.
Intermediate Cyclists Levels3 through 5. They have developed some skills, may tour, train and compete, but it is primarily for enjoyment, not for national rankings or significant prizes. This recreational-based group comprises the bulk of the cycling community.
Expert Cyclists  Levels 6 through 10. They have established training routines and advanced bike handling skills, often developed through competition. At the very top of this group are sponsor-supported professional cyclists, earning the major portion of their income from racing. Individual I.C.R.S. ratings are not needed for experts and professionals; race results in sanctioned competitions define the levels.