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Passion for music is part of keeping interested in what is going on. Here is a smattering of what we are listening to or watching on DVDs

Rev Gary Davis- What soul; none come close to this man's singing and acoustic 12 string.

Joe Pass- All the Virtuoso albums- swing jazz while still honoring the beauty of the melody.

Christy Moore-  DVD Live at The Point 2006- a career spanning concert, just Christy and guitar wizard Declan Sinnot. Songs full of story, love and meaning crafted by the legendary master. One of the songs on the outtake section "Cry Like a Man"  will do just that to you.

Sharon Shannon and Big Band Live at Dolans- DVD another incredibly talented irish musician ( and a natural beauty as well) plays her heart out, and highlights several singers along the way. I never thought I'd fall in love with an accordian player........

Bireli Lagren + Friends- DVD Live Jazz a Vienne- You have to see it to believe it; Bireli takes the Django Reinhart style to a new level. He brings out all the top european gypsy jazz  guitarists and pays homage to all the swinging standards from that era and infuses them with his brilliance.

Steven King CD  Reminiscing- Always tasteful, his incredible guitar chops put the melody first. No one plays acoustic Beatles like he does: bass, rhytmn and melody at the same time. His brain needs to be studied by science.

Allison Krauss DVD Down from the Mountain- Allison is just one of the heavy country hitters that put together a live version of "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" in a concert. Her harmony on Lonesome Blues is addictive and should carry a warning label.

John Jorgenson Franco American Swing CD- More gypsy jazz but in a beautifully put together format, really pleasing arrangements.

Jeff Beck Live at Ronny Scotts- small club atmospheres for the guitar wizard, with an effusive female bassist brimming with energy.


Eric Claptons-DVD  Crossroads Concert 2007- For anyone who missed the 60's, this is also a course in the evolution of blues guitar. Bill Murray is great as the zany emcee.


Concert for George DVD 2002 Memorial for George Harrison is a culmination of his life thru music.  Indian music section is interesting, but the synergy of studio and live musicians is incredible. This is what every memorial service needs to be: a true tribute with soul-healing for fans, family and friends paying respects. A "whos-who" of most of the 60's Brit and American musicians. If this were a VHS tape I would have worn it out by now.