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Racket Stringing
Professional and customized to your game

We provide customized stringing. We use poly, synthetic gut and natural gut. We belong to the US Racket Stringers Association and carry the most popular brands of strings for every level.

            We take our time and guarantee every racket we string.  

  • Prior to stringing the USRSA manual is checked for the manufacturers instructions on the frame.
  • Every racket strung is logged and recorded with tension and string type.
  • Our 6-point mounting system does not stress frames.
  • We equalize, i.e., pre-stretch the center main strings by hand before putting in the cross strings, creating a pocket in the center of the string bed.
  • Every string is individually pulled and straightened, set in place as it is tensioned, not after.
  • Completed rackets are ping- checked and play tested on court to  judge the feel.
  • Strings are guaranteed for 2 months against normal breakage due to wear.

If you believe a new string job is too loose or too tight, we will redo it for only the cost of the strings.


As in playing tennis, it is consistecy that counts; players trust our work because of our ability to continually produce quality stringing tailored to your game.

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