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Custom Sports Services
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Custom Sports Services  is the team of Pat and Anita Mason. Our passions are teaching tennis,  American folk dancing and healthy foods. Our tennis and dance programs bring joy into peoples lives, plus a love of exercise, fitness and sociability.

We specialize in a Recreational Tennis program for children and adults in South Florida, located in Pembroke Falls(https://websites.kw-ic.com/pembrokefalls), a 2000 home community in Pembroke Pines, Florida. We provide professional instruction, fitness training ball machine rental and custom racket stringing.

Weekends we run community dances, with Anita calling and Pats Cornbread Dance Band keeping things moving. Check out our YouTube vids and Facebook pages for Tennis (Customsports) and Dance (Cornbread Dance Band).

Group dancing is the perfect mixer for people to make friends and build community. It puts the human connection back into a world becoming more digital and detached,

Check out Anita's Bakery page for some great recipes, and YouTube videos on DIY ice towels and freezing mangoes. Anita is an Exercise Physiologist and we go the extra mile keep you healthy: there is information on injury prevention with the right conditioning (i.e., prehab) exercises, plus links to rehabilitate injuries such as tennis elbow, knee, shoulder and of course  a whole section on managing back pain.

                                                         Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

 Our Mental Health is as important as our physical health. Pat merged his psychology and business experience to help everyone manage work stress with an Award winning book.  The book is full of techniques to maintain our mental balance and create peace of mind in our lives. 

 "Making the Job Work for You", is a primer on balancing the work role with our personal lives. Not your typical stress management book; It is a how-to guide to change our attitudes and behaviors.

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contact us at customsportsservices@gmail.com