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Custom Sports Services  is the team of Pat and Anita Mason. Our passions are teaching tennis and pickleball, music and super healthy foods. Our racketsports and dance music programs bring joy into peoples lives. We cultivate a love of joyful exercise, lifetime fitness and lasting social connections.

We are Tennis and Pickleball teaching Professionals for our community. Our specialty is Recreational Racketsports programs for children and adults. We are based in South Florida, located in Pembroke Falls (https://websites.kw-ic.com/pembrokefalls), a 2085 home gated community in Pembroke Pines, Florida, featuring 8 tennis and 4 pickleball courts. We manage a seven-level racketsports school with many graduates competing on high school teams. We feature small group, fun, game-based instruction program for ages 3 and 1/2 on up. Fitness training, free demo paddles, machine rental and custom racket repair are other services.

Pickleball, tennis, and group dancing are perfect mixers for people to make friends and build community. The internet is an incredible tool but social media easily leads to people becoming detached, isolated, feeling lonely, and empty.Our goal is to create face-to-face human interactions, foster connections and enduring social relationships. 

For two decades we have kept the flame of group dancing burning, hosting monthly community dances in For Lasudedale, Miami, and Boca Raton. Anita teaches and "calls" the dances while Pats driving guitar and bass keeps dancers in perpetual motion..Check out our Facebook pages for Tennis (Customsports) and Dance (Cornbread Dance Band)pics and videos

Anita is an Exercise Physiologist and goes the extra mile keep you healthy with information on injury prevention thru (i.e., prehabexercises, plus links to rehabilitate injuries such as tennis elbow, knee, shoulder and of course  a whole section on managing back pain

For the planet and yourself, start the journey into feeling good every day from eating healthy. Learn how to transition to the diet that makes you thrive, not just exist. We share simple life "hacks" with YouTube videos on DIY ice towels and freezing mangoes. Anita is our kitchen chemist, tweaking recipies to make them healthier. Check out Anita's Bakery page for some great links and recipes. 

Stress Management - the Key to a Healthy Mind

 Our Mental Health is equally important as our physical health. Pat merged his psychology and business experience to help everyone manage work stress with an Award winning book.  The book provide a deep tool box of techniques and tips anyone can use. With the right mindset and a little practice we are able to offset workplace issues. What greater benfit is there besides Peace of mind in our lives? Pats book is the how-to guide to manage work streess to achieve it. 

 "Making the Job Work for You", is a primer on balancing the work role with our personal lives. Not your typical stress management book; It is a how-to guide to change our attitudes and behaviors.

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contact us at customsportsservices@gmail.com