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Pat and Anita enjoyed a great trip with other USPTA Professionals to the Australian Open

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  • This is by far the best site for cutting edge tennis stroke information:  John Yandells Tennisplayer.net

There is a fee but it is worth it; the analyze high speed filming of all the top pros, puts out detailed yet open minded instruction articles, plus a ton of instruction by other teachers on every topic. They even have 3-D models of stick figures with all biomechanical possibilites evaluated. Far and above all the other sites in terms of depth and solid scientific anaylsis. Each topic has appropriate video footage cycling over to clarify the discussion.

There are a few good videos on UTube but these freebies are unreviewed by peers, the ideas are usually one person's interpretation, and even if they are a teaching pro, the information might not be what you need for your level of play.

The best method is to ask around, find the best local teacher, usually a certified USPTA www.uspta.org or PTR member, and spend time studing with them one on one. The USPTA is the oldest and the largest organization with a website that allows you to find a local teacher. To really improve you need  a program of coaching, regular practice and match play in leagues and tournaments You need the experience of matches, combined with the training, solid strokes and strategy,  constantly refining your skill while working with an experienced mentor.

If you have a specific question about tennis, tennis instruction, training or injury prevention email us at customsportsservices@gmail.com


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Focus-- Letting the Ball Disappear at Contact

Learn to not watch the ball......going back that is. Watch it and focus as the ball comes into the racket, not out. Everything follows the eyes; if you watch your outgoing ball go back ,you pull your head up, your weight up, your racket off the contact zone. Get in the habit of keeping your vision on the contact point by looking at your racket edge, not the outgoing shot, after contact. You can have the best practice stroke in the world but you have to discipline yourself to be still in the split second of contact. Keep your eye off the ball. Make your head turn part of the stroke, all the way in. It is the last 3-4 feet where you have to let your eyes focus in the short range, not use periphial vision. Keep your eye on the blur. Let the ball disappear when you hit and not reappear until your opponnent hits it. See the seams rotating. Watch the ball off the court to measure the height of the bounce to get under it enough .................let it disappear as you exhale and extend out to a full range follow through.

Master TIP-Simplify Your Targets

Use the centerstrap as an axis, a compass for all your shots; you can hit 80% of your shots either at or within FOUR FEET of the center strap, no exaggeration. This includes serving and returning. Don't play the player- play the ball within the dimensions of the court and let the player be third in importance; Play the ball first (concentration), play within the court(shot selection). Only after you master this will you avoid beating yourself through unforced errors. Then you can begin to look at strategy and tactics, but it all still happens within 4 or 5 feet of the center strap.

It only takes ten thousand balls to get good.

Rodger Federer's Efficient Footwork http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/08/31/sports/tennis/20090831-roger-graphic.html?ref=tennis

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