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Making the Job Work for You - The Book

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This book is different from other stress management books-- it comes out of the work world, not the ivory castle. It deals with real-life work issues and provides a systematic way for people to change their behaviors and create a better life at work and at home.

If we are physically injured at work, workers’ compensation immediately becomes available. But if we suffer inner, emotional damage, it’s not even acknowledged. Often it’s our best qualities that can get us into trouble—trying too hard and caring too much.

"I recommend this book to anyone having trouble with work pressure. Mr. Mason does a great job of explaining work, our attitudes, and how job stress can affect us. One by one he develops a set of mental attributes that help us to keep our composure. The focus on awareness gives the reader a very positive direction. It is a way to get your life back in balance, a way to be happier, and a way to avoid getting consumed by the job."

Whether your stress triggers are difficult customers, insensitive bosses, or scheming coworkers, Making the Job Work For You provides "head and heart armor" for workers on the front lines. Author Patrick Mason offers an array of strategies, tips, and techniques to help you attack stress. He lays out practical techniques to help you handle immediate situations and exposes core value differences that lead us into conflict.

With this handy guide, you’ll be able to walk into work a different person: mentally prepared, emotionally balanced, and ready to handle whatever comes your way with a smile.